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During 2023, we are celebrating our 28th year anniversary since the founding of our organization in 1995. From humble beginnings of sponsoring one orphan for $1 each month while still attending Bible College, our organization has grown to reach thousands of children and families across Bulgaria and Africa. 


I cannot express how grateful I am for all of our friends and partners who have come alongside throughout the years to assist me with the expansion of the vision and the growth of our organization. It has been a journey with a lot of challenges, as well as a lot of victories.  As an organization, we transitioned from ‘me’ to ‘we’ where each team member, staff and sponsor has a place in our organization. We believe in the establishment of personal relationships and creating an environment where the vision of reaching this generation through the Gospel of Christ is our priority. Thus, we provide value, hope and purpose not only to those we minister to, but to every team member here in the States and abroad.


So, to all of you who are a part of my life and a part of our organization – THANK YOU for believing in us! THANK YOU for being on this journey with us! THANK YOU for helping us CHANGE A GENERATION!


Ceitci Demirkova

Founder & CEO

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– Laurie H., Winthrop, WA

“I had to sit down and read "Exposed to Hope" as soon as it arrived in the mail. 
It is wonderful to learn about the opportunities these Bulgarian children and young adults have to learn and grow in Jesus. The testimonies of many are truly heartwarming. Your heart will go out to these children who can now experience hope in the midst of the most challenging of situations.”


– Marc H., Tulsa, OK

“I had a wake up call when I found Changing a Generation. As a typical American, I was pretty uninvolved in the needs of children in other countries. I thought globally, but acted locally and gave locally. The “Exposed to Hope” book is a front seat view of the valuable work to help kids in Bulgaria.  I’m proud to say now I sponsor a neighborhood. Ceitci and team, keep up the great work.”


– Pam M., Franklin, TN

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the new book, Exposed to Hope. The stories of the children are heartwarming and the impact of Changing a Generation’s ministry is remarkable. This is truly a book of hope that shares the love of Jesus in a tangible way!”


– Brey Noelle, Franklin, TN

“Nearly 15 years ago, my eyes were opened to the vast needs of children around the world and how Changing a Generation was bringing transformation and solution to these very needs.  I have partnered ever since, and am continually impacted by the miraculous stories birthed through the work that Ceitci and her team do on a daily basis. Every book Ceitci has written sheds further light on truth and transformation, and this recent book does the same through the stories of the kids she and her organization impacts.  It is beautiful, inspiring and a must-read for anyone who is an advocate for hope, change and transformation in this complex world we live in.  YOU WILL LOVE IT and be greatly inspired.”


– Brigitte V., Morongo Valley, CA

As my daughters and I are reading these beautifully written stories depicting the lives of physically, emotionally, and spiritually deprived children of broken families in Bulgaria, it has opened a pathway for conversation and has really placed life and reality into perspective. Our hearts break and ache for these hurting children whom need all the prayer, love, compassion, and support they can get. It stirs the heart into action to offer a better world to even “the least of these,” as each and every one of us can help introduce them to the Savior and Father whom will never leave nor forsake them.” 


EXPOSED TO HOPE: The Cry and Fortitude of Bulgarian Children Finding Hope in the Shadows of Brokenness and Fear


Our “Exposed to Hope” book is a beautiful compilation of true stories, pictures, poems and prayers for the children of Bulgaria. It’s a perfect reflection of the work we have done over the past 25 years of ministry. 


Each purchased copy of the book will help us provide a Christmas present for the children from our programs. In return, it makes for a beautiful Christmas gift that you can give away to friends and loved ones!

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Thank you so much for celebrating with us by sending us your testimony!

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