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An Incredible True Story of God’s Love and Power to Transform a Broken Life

My life was survival – nothing less! I grew up in a Roma ghetto in Bulgaria. My parents made me steal ever since I was a little boy. They didn’t care about proving food or clothes for me or for my sisters. We would go for days without food, unless I was able to steal something and bring to my sisters. School was not an option for us, because our parents thought it was a waste of time. My father ran the gang for trafficking. My two younger sister were sold for money. I helped raise them, and feed them. The day their sale was completed, something broke in me. I cried and cried, wishing I could do something to save them.

Life was just existence. I wished I was never born. I tried to put an end to my life twice. But something invisible seemed to hold my life and I survived both suicidal attempts I made.

One day our father took our family to Greece and asked us to steal. Every day we were required to steal a certain amount – it didn’t matter how, we had to come up with the money he required of us. I became egotistical. Survival was my only option.

One day I had enough. I decided to run away from my family. I walked from Greece and finally crossed the border of Bulgaria. At times I hitchhiked, which helped, but my ultimate goal was to get to my Roma ghetto and start life over again. I couldn’t go back.

One day I met with people from "Restoration Life" in Ruse. It was as if the Lord had heard my prayer! They provided help. I learned how to read and write. They also helped me find a job and later found me a place to live so I could start an independent life.

Now I am a part of the church and the team in Ruse. My desire is to help many children and people who are raised in similar conditions to know that there is a God, that He is able to set them free and give them new life. In June 2018 I went to Sofia and was a part of Impact Conference with Pastor Bill Wilson. Now I am a part of the Metro World Child Bulgaria. There is no greater joy for me than to now that people can be restored…all because God loves us! I can’t change my past, but I can use it to rescue others…to help them fight…to bring them to Jesus!

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