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Gulovitsa is a remote village located near the Black Sea on the East Coast of Bulgaria. Public transportation is not available and most people living there have no electricity or running water. However, our partnering organization in that region, Faithful Steward, heard of the enormous needs in the area and wanted to assist the kids and families through our Hope Campaign.

After walking for several miles with all the food boxes, the team was pleasantly greeted by the people who had heard about the food distribution. They were waiting in front of their ‘homes’ with hopeful anticipation. As you can see from the pictures below and on our website, these families live in shacks made out of cardboard boxes, cloth, and any other material they can find in order to survive.

One particular lady, Alex (name changed for protection), and her three children, stood out to our team. Their little home was dark, almost bare, and yet her three children were disciplined, helpful, and respectful to the team. In the village, they have the reputation of being grateful and optimistic despite their many challenges. Contrasting with her tiny, dark shack, this mother’s smile shone so brightly, the darkness seemed to disappear in only the strength of her smile. 

Our goal is to open a new children’s program in that village later this summer or early fall. Over 100 kids live there, completely uneducated and living in abject poverty. While this may seem impossible for some, we know that we can make a difference!

For more updates and to view the rest of our June 2020 newsletter click HERE.

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